• Testimonials

  • After years of pain with my back and sciatica, endless pain killers left me with no options but to have an operation until I was introduced to Reflexology. Convinced that there was no way it would work but willing to try anything, thank Jenny that I did, after a few sessions my sciatica was gone and my back was pain free. After 19 years of blood pressue tablets, I no longer need them and even lost two stone in weight! I cannot express the benefits of how it has changed my life. I was such a sceptic but now all I talk about is how wonderful Reflexology and Jenny is to everyone I meet, from the supermarket queue to the window cleaner! All I can say is you got to try it, not just for the conditions I have suffered from but for many other conditions. I recommend Jenny, she is such a great, understanding person on all levels and an excellent reflexologist.

    Tracey L, Bristol

  • I suffer from Depression and Panic attacks quite badly so decided to give reflexology a try to see if this would help me, my honest answer... it has, since having reflexology my panic attacks have lowered dramatically. I feel a lot more balanced within myself and I have a lot more energy and get up and go to do things. The treatment itself is very relaxing and you feel at ease as soon you sit in the chair and listen to the music. Jenny is very calm and approachable and instantly makes you feel at ease, she knows exactly what she is doing and explains everything as she does the treatment. I would recommend Jenny to anyone who is interested in reflexology.

    Shanna C, Bristol

  • I've had a number of treatments now, all of which have been relaxing and comfortable. Jenny explained how reflexology helps to release unresolved emotions and traumas which prepared me for and helped me deal with ongoing conditions which I have suffered with repeatedly since a child. As a result of the reflexology treatments with Jenny I feel much better in myself and have not suffered from the symptoms I used to experience. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone.

    Jamie A, Bristol

  • Jen, having reflexology with you is a way for me to find balance in my life; my life literally starts to spiral out of control when my appointments are too far apart. You are so intuitive, whether my needs are emotional, physical or spiritual you know where the focus is required and get to the essence of what matters. Thank you. Julie

    Julie S, Gloucestershire

  • I have had many reflexology session from Jenny Coles over the last year or so. I have been nothing but impressed with the professionalism of the sessions and the effect that they have had upon my well being. I cannot recommend Jenny Coles highly enough.

    Glen P, Bristol

  • I've had several treatments, which are still ongoing. They are very relaxing and comfortable, Jenny explains how reflexology works, and when she is doing the treatment she will explain what part of the body she is connected with. Jenny helps me understand my body better and how to look after myself and makes me feel better about myself as a person

    Jenny R, Bristol

  • Hey Jen, Don't know what you did to me last night but my whole body was burning a wonderful heat, it was weird but lovely!! Plus I had the best nights kip in months. Thank you.

    Nic B, Bristol